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Nightingale writes,

>> First, spoiler space for those who don't wish to
>> know the big Turn A gimmick....

> I remember in the preview episode, Tomino stressed
> that he was approaching 60. I think at this point of
> life he doesn't want to spend nit-picking details on
> mechas and specific technology, but more on the
> humanistic side of things, which are strongly featured
> in Turn A.

  Definitely. He's never been very interested in these kinds of details -
after original Gundam, he was perfectly happy to leave the fans to fill in
the details of Minovsky physics, the One Year War, et cetera. I'd be
surprised if he were to change his attitude now...

> My first impression on Cannon Irfute was that it look
> like a distorted version of G-Cannon Magna from SF91,
> or some variants of Heavy Gun (F91 and V).

  Yep - in fact, its huge gatling cannon is very reminiscent of the standard

> After all,
> Borjarnon was a slightly distorted Zaku II (or was the
> Turn-A universe a distorted one in which everything
> from people to mechas are meant to be viewed
> differently?)

  I wonder about that. The Borjarnon is kind of an exaggerated Zaku II,
where the actual design replicates the way the Zaku II was animated in
original Gundam. (For this reason, it looks almost exactly like the Kado
Senshi die-cast toy.)

> You mean it looks like a Lean Horse/Reinforced more
> than an Ahgama? I'll take another look at Willgem
> again...

  It's a bit like the Reinforce and F91's Space Ark - especially with the
F91-style retracting bridge - but it also resembles V Gundam's itty-bitty
White Ark. I haven't watched the episodes where it's actually in use, but my
impression is that the Willgem is meant to fall somewhere in between

> What about the digged-up Bound Docs? are they down-
> sized as well?

  Haven't watched those episodes yet (that darn tape is just sitting there,
taunting me!), But the Mutto's appearance is so drastically changed from the
Bound Doc that it's harder to make the connection. It's almost like
comparing the Gundam Heavyarms and the Gundam Leopard.

> But Kolen's MS Eagel has that distinctive Zechs'
> flavour i.e. the boney tail (a la Epyon and Tallgeese
> III), and since he had seen (rumour) the Wing Zero
> Custom, so there still may have some trace of Wing's
> history (AC) in the show?

  Maaaybe. But the Eagel's tail is actually a variation on the "spine
concept" used in the Flat, the Rib, and the Wad - it's a string of
articulated square segments that runs from head down to rump, and beyond.
The Eagel just applies the concept more, uh, creatively. It doesn't really
resemble the Epyon's heat rod either in appearance or function.

  Speaking of Turn A's spine-bots, I must say the Wad is super cool. I just
never get tired of watching those little buggers scurry to and fro. :-)

-- Mark

  P.S. Puzzler for the reader: If the Eagel has a Gundam X-style cockpit,
does this mean the other aforementioned spine-bots are also derived from the
Gundam X timeframe?

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