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(MS Mahirow from Turn-A)
> Why didn't Bandai make a plastic kit of it? I find
> Bandai's habit of only releasing the main MS and
> sometimes a few minor MS is getting very old. If
> not 1/100 plastic kits, at least 1/144 plastic kits,
> you know?

I can't speak for all the global markets but in Hong
Kong, most of the Turn-A kits been released so far are
bombs, particularly the 1/100 Sumo and Turn-A, they
are being fire-sold by many local model shops (i've
seen them being sold at half the yen price listed on
the boxes) whereas some 1/144 kits like Kapool and
Turn-A register healthy sales, but the model series in
general does not look bright, perhaps fans here don't
have the opportunity to see the show. Let's see will
we get more Turn-A kits at this year's Shizuoka's
model show on the 20th this month...

> If at the very least, the MSiA format seems to me to

> offer a great deal of leeway in this area. They are
> balance bewteen low cost and decent to good quality.

> While not as good as a kit, MSiA's a great for the
> type of product they are.

It doesn't look like we'll get any TA-related MSiA
this year, with the release schedule being filled with
Zeta Gundam, GM + Ball, Big Zam, and of course Gundam
Wing's MSiA. I sure love tio have a Turn-X as MSiA
sooner :)


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