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--- Mark Simmons <> wrote:
> First, spoiler space for those who don't wish to
> know the big Turn A gimmick....
> Okay, now onward.
> As we've noted, Tomino seems to be content to
> assert that all the Gundam shows take place in the
> same universe, without sweating the details. The
> nitpicky minutiae are left as an exercise for the
> viewer, i.e. us. So let me point out a couple more
> clues as to how the show's props fit together...

I remember in the preview episode, Tomino stressed
that he was approaching 60. I think at this point of
life he doesn't want to spend nit-picking details on
mechas and specific technology, but more on the
humanistic side of things, which are strongly featured
in Turn A.

> The Cannon Irfute is clearly from the UC Gundam
> world, circa the F91 era (roughly UC 0120). It's a
> mere 15 meters tall, like F91's scaled-down suits,
> and it has a linear seat almost identical to that of

> F91's other mobile suits. Its shield bears the
> Federation logo.

My first impression on Cannon Irfute was that it look
like a distorted version of G-Cannon Magna from SF91,
or some variants of Heavy Gun (F91 and V). After all,
Borjarnon was a slightly distorted Zaku II (or was the
Turn-A universe a distorted one in which everything
from people to mechas are meant to be viewed

> And the spaceship Willgem, where the Irfute was
> stashed, is similar in appearance to the small craft

> seen in F91 and V Gundam.

You mean it looks like a Lean Horse/Reinforced more
than an Ahgama? I'll take another look at Willgem

> The Kapool and Gallop, while largely identical to
> their namesakes in ZZ and original Gundam, are
> substantially smaller. No idea why.

What about the digged-up Bound Docs? are they down-
sized as well?

> I can't actually think of anything in Turn A which
> seems obviously connected to the Wing world, one key

> flashback aside. Then again, the Wing saga ends with
> the destruction of all mobile suits, so it stands to
> reason they wouldn't leave a lot of relics behind...

But Kolen's MS Eagel has that distinctive Zechs'
flavour i.e. the boney tail (a la Epyon and Tallgeese
III), and since he had seen (rumour) the Wing Zero
Custom, so there still may have some trace of Wing's
history (AC) in the show?


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