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> 1. What are the effects of long term habitation or being born in space on
> the
> human body?

Hard to tell, since no one has been born in space yet. NASA did run some test
to determine if reproduction in zero-gee would be problematic or not. As I
recall, living in zero-gee is said to be much like living in a body of water.
Maybe the long term evolutionary changes we will see will go along the lines
of how mammals adapted to the aquatic life? Space otters, anyone?

> 2. Are these changes (if any) merely physical? Obviously, there will be
> psychological shift, as well as certain cultural ones, but would it also
> mean
> that there will be shifts in how a person uses his senses, or range

Other than extreme depression and general loss of health associate with long
term weightlessness, it would very hard to say how the human body and mind
would adapt to life in space. We will either adapt, or adapt space to work
with for us. That is the way of humanity, to adapt the world around us.

> 3. In terms of MS design, wouldn't deep-space MS be a bit more...different
> in design? i mean, no feet, etc?

Have you ever heard of the sci-fi game called Jovian Chronicles? It's a game
based loosely on Gundam, where there are space colonies, space navies, and
mobile suits called exo-armors. In this game, there are several examples of
space only mecha designs that do not have legs at all.

A very cool game. I highly recommend it. Also, if you are interested, check
out the Fanzine site for Jovian Chronicles (the URL is in my signature).


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