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At 15:23 05/11/2000 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>The photos on the box doesn't really show this feature well. You basically
>have to put one together to see for yourself.

        That's always a problem. Details like this don't show up on the
shots, so it's difficult to tell exactly how the mechanism works. Another
example of this problem: the Zeta and GP-02. The Zeta looks so good in the
shots, but from reviews it's really a floppy kit. GP-02's shield looks very
impressive, but is too heavy for the arm. All these faults can't be seen
from the shots..

        As MG kits aren't cheap, this makes it difficult to decide what to
buy. My next MG should be a NT-1, followed by a Black Trinary Zaku-R1 (was
that R1 or R2? Anyway, I shudder at the thoughts of the cables again).

        After that, I don't know. None of the other MGs impressed me very
much -- the RGMs I either didn't like (RGM-79 and RGM-79N) or didn't like
the colour scheme (RGM-79Q), didn't like the GP series, didn't like Zeta and
the talk about its problems didn't help.

        I would like to have a Rick Dom and Gelgoog, but the specific types
(MS-09RII and MS-14F, Fs and JG) I want aren't available, and conversions
from existing MG kits are too difficult to consider: the Rick Dom II will
have to be built from a Dom, and I'll have to rebuild the head, if not part
of the body. The Gelgoogs I'll need to rebuild practically the entire torso,
and probably have to modify the arms too.

        I guess the only MG after that would be a G3. Never did liked the
bright cherry colours of the RX-78-2, but the G3 does appeal to me.

>The cover is not tight-fitting at all..

        I meant the cover must be tight-fitting over the mono-eye, not with
the rest of the Dom..

>No, I think it was just the sheer weight of all the stuff you can put on
>the arm. Once they are off the arm can maintain its pose.

        I had that problem with the original right arm -- the rifle can pull
the forearm out without much assistance, but I've never had a problem with
the shield, even with a full load on the shield. Strange.

        The elbow joint on a Mk. II was strange, but it made the arm quite
flexible though.

>> Sad but true. Anyone knows what's the next MG after the RX-79(G)?
>The RGM-79(G) and GM Sniper from The 08th MS Team should be no brainers...

        True. Maybe Bandai will be nice enough to include the sniper rifle
in the GM kit?

        Come to think of it.. what Zeon MS can they build into an MG MS? A
Gouf Custom? That's a HGUC already..

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