Fri, 12 May 2000 06:06:20 EDT

  Has anyone noticed how in a lot of Gundam series, the shield is very
disposable at least in the Movie Trilogy and 0083, Amuro and Kou threw away
at leaset 2 - 3 shields, maybe more can't remember excatly how many.

  This is no big deal, as this as more realstic then having one shield the
whole series, like in some shows. Do they ever dispose of the shields in GW?
I think the answer is no, but am not sure of this at all.

  Its kind of silly even in fiction to have an shield that never breaks :)
The Amuro used the RX-78's shield as a re-entry heat shield in the one of the
3 movies. This is a very logicial and realstic no combat way to use a sheild.

  That also shows how durable, but not invincable a Gundam really is or is
supposed to be. Even the GW Gundam's are not invincable, just very, very
durable. Yeah, Some can do a reentry to Earth, but only in Bird/Flight mode,
similar to the Zeta, correct?

  Also in one episode in 0083, it shows how powerfull a beam weapon truly is,
as well as the duriability of a Gundam. That's what makes a Gundam special,
its duriability, speed and fire power and its not invincable.


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