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<< I think you're probably looking at a closeup of a Mahirow's head... >>

  Duh :) You are right, I see the head and the eye?, on looking closer at the

  Why didn't Bandai make a plastic kit of it? I find Bandai's habit of only
releasing the main MS and sometimes a few minor MS is getting very old. If
not 1/100 plastic kits, at least 1/144 plastic kits, you know? If at the very
least, the MSiA format seems to me to offer a great deal of leeway in this
area. They are a balance bewteen low cost and decent to good quality. While
not as good as a kit, MSiA's a great for the type of product they are.

  The MS of Turn A are very unique and offer a breath of fresh air into the
mecha toy/model kits market. I like most Gundam saga MS, but the good guy MS
never seem to change that much. The Zeon's have all kinds of crazy MS that
are mostly realstic looking. A want more weird Gundam designs! that can still
look at least a bit Gundamish.


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