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Fri, 12 May 2000 22:05:42 GMT

>i hate to chip in like this...but...this rpg thread is
>garnering more responses than my query about bubblegum
>crisis, votoms, and other mecha shows. isn't this
>supposed to be mechapinoy? si vielch pa lang nga ang
>sumasagot eh. i guess i'll have to resort to surfing
>aimlessly and hoping i click on a good website.

Actually, guys, take it to a different ML...mediyo OT na talaga eh...

>> On the badly-timed and poorly-exposed mecha contest,
>> the inevitable
>> happened: it wasn't a smashing success. There were
>> more displays than
>> entries. The only good thing was... that everybody
>> won. Here's hoping Anima
>> can pull it off better next time.
>approximately 4 month lead time. name the entrance
>fee. name the prizes. we also need to get the rules
>fixed LOOOOOOOOOOOONG before we even announce the
>contest. this last one was all on the fly. fed was
>asking for rules, pero mishmash ang mga sagot natin
>eh. hell, the rules for the diagram category weren't
>even posted.
>we need better organization. we need to work in synch
>guys. and i DON'T mean bernard monsha style. :)

Next time will be better..remember, we the basic framework and experience from
what happened this time around.

"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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