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>As a follow up query:
>1. What are the effects of long term habitation or being born in space on
>human body?

Well, right now the record for time spent in space is about a year IIRC (on
mir). The observed changes are mainly due to zero gravity. Since the
Gundam colonies have rotational gravity, none of the symptoms the long term
cosmonauts experienced would apply.

>2. Are these changes (if any) merely physical? Obviously, there will be
>psychological shift, as well as certain cultural ones, but would it also
>that there will be shifts in how a person uses his senses, or range

Basically this would all be speculation right now. Several notable people
in the Gundam universe, notably Zeon zum Daikun, have thought considerably
on this very subject.

>3. In terms of MS design, wouldn't deep-space MS be a bit more...different
>in design? i mean, no feet, etc?

As one of the mechanics said to Char before he took out the Big Zam, the
feet are just for show, really.

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