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><< But they have the gravity of the colonies..that's what I'm thinking
> they be technically baseline human, or will there be detectable differences?

> Well, if there's any basis in truth in sci-fi books, some of the one's I

>have read, say someone that has gotten used to one gravity, can in fact move

>in another gravity, but not as well as a native of this gravity, until this

>newcomer becomes used to the new gravity.
> Aaron

makes sense. I have read of what happened to the astronauts, so that should
be true enough...question is, would there be permannent changes, not just ones
they can overcome with adaptation? I mean, one thing I have theorized about
is that Newtype abilities are probably born from these permanent changes. A
Newtype's abilities might be borne of the fact that perception and or sensory
input may have changed drastically because f colony for the more physical
things that the Newtypes do -- like push asteroids -- well, i chalk it up (pseudo-logically)
to the fact that it may be an evolution of the original abilities.

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