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Fri, 12 May 2000 19:40:26 GMT

>Oh yeah... how pathetic it is that Bandai would rather recycle old MG Gundams

>instead of coming up with some new non-Gundam designs!

I've gotten my hands on the HJ copy which shows a conceptual version of the
version1.5. Say what you will, but I would buy it, if the features that they
are extrapolating for it are true. I would buy it even more if it comes even
close to either the PG or the Katoki version. Even if they simply just put
up kit construction improvements on it, I would buy it, for the sheer reason
that the first MG RX-78, while being a landmark MG, is now outdated as an MG
design, and since RX-78 is their flagship model of sorts, I would fully expect
them to upgrade it.

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