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Fri, 12 May 2000 19:19:02 GMT

>> Man, a Dom Tropen would kick ass....and package it with one of those 0083

>> Afrika Korps looking Zeon soldiers....I think a Dom Tropen would kick ASS

>> with a WWII German DAK paint scheme.......hee heee heee, it'll look good

>> next to my Zaku with the Luftwaffe "Spot" camo pattern....
>Bummer, I though I was the only one to have the camo idea! You have any
>pictures of you work?
>Jeff C

Question: seeing as gundams tend to be very environmental camouflage
a bad idea? I mean, I know that pattern-diruption camouflage is a good idea
no matter what size, but isn't stuff like jungle camo or similar stuff a bad
idea? A tree, for example, would only be up to a gundam's knee or so...

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