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Thanks for the info, Tet! ^_^

--- Tomonaga <> wrote:

> I fondly remember watching that programme. It had a
> very catchy OP song. I haven't heard it for
> and it's still fresh in my mind and I can still sing

> the beginning. : )

Dang! I can only remember the chorus today, in
Cantonese of course.

> I wonder how many children emulated Ikkyu's
> when stumped with a problem ? I know I did : )

Thirty seconds! Thirty seconds!

> Anyway, here is his brief biography:
> Ikkyu (1394-1481)
> ...(snip)
> He displayed exceptional wisdom and sense of humour
> from his childhood. Amusing anecdotes told of him
> were compiled into a book which became very popular
> in the Edo period and Ikkyu became an household
> This is the book upon which the anime is based.

I see.
> Some interesting facts:
> - As a child, Ikkyu was called before the Shogun
> Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, who jokingly ordered him to
> up a tiger in a picture drawn on one of the panels
> a folding screen. To this, Ikkyu smiled and said
> that he would tie up the tiger as soon as the shogun

> drove it out of the picture.

This was the most interesting aspect of the show. The
relationship between young Ikkyu and the all-powerful
Ashikaga during the unstable feudal era formed the
bulk of the stories. iirc, wasn't Ashikaga somehow
stabilize the war lord states and came out winner in
the end?

> - Also later in life, on every New Year's day, he
> carried with him a stick with a skull on top of it,
> saying 'True, the New Year's day is a day to be
> celebrated. But each time one greets the New Year,
> he takes a step towards his death*. Hence, New
> Year's day is really a day on which one should
> earnestly meditate on his way of life for the year.'

I may be wrong, but I saw the young Ikkyu did that
once in the anime, and the narration that followed
mentioned his 'anti-war' stance when he grew up, etc.
Hence I remembered this bit so vividly.

> *In the past, age was increased by 1 on each New
> Year's day regardless of the actual birthday.

It still is! This is a custom of Lunar New Year
observed by countries like China, Japan, etc. I felt
old twice every year :)


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