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At 13:06 05/11/2000 -0600, Echo|Fox wrote:
>Hmmm is that in one of the first few eps where they are riding around on
>little Mech's, and Gan-Chan's is made of a cell phone?

        Yup. That's the one. Nearly died laughing at the one, especially
when the Eva parodies came up, and at Gan-chan's reaction to Unit 3.

        Hmm.. These guys don't like Asuka, do they?

        And Peanut Gatlings? =)

>> Which was the Berserk parody?
>Somewhere between 24 and 32, as thats the last batch I watched. My guess
>would be 30 or 31.

        I'll keep an eye for it when I get the series back from my friend,

>Has Gundam ever been parodies, or even just appeared, in another anime
>series? Or even a non-animated series?

        I think the closest will be SD Gundam, if you count that.

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