Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 11 May 2000 19:13:21 -0700

>Does anyone have a picture of the clear edition Deathscythe 1/144?

Poke around eBay... if you don't find any, I'll post the URL when I
put one up in the next few days.

>it Deathscythe, Deathscythe Hell, or Deathscythe Hell Custom.

Deathscythe Hell Custom would be the one from Endless Waltz. Deathscythe
Hell is the upgraded Deathscythe from the TV series.

>Are there
>other clear edition Gundam Wing models? Are they all 1/144 scale? Any
>1/100 scale clear edition Gudam Wing Models

The Metal Clear Special Edition kits include all 7 1/144 HG FA kits from
Endless Waltz. The only 1/100 scale clear kit from Endless Waltz, AFAIK,
is the 1/100 HG Wing Zero Custom that was offered as promo prize to
Japanese residents and not for sale in stores.


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