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Tomonaga wrote:
> I would be really amazed if this show was ever brought to the west.

Why? If Sailor Moon can sell here, Ikkyu could do alright with the kids
too. It may be too tame and too brainy for the new millenium kids. Kids
nowadays will probably refused to watch a show that teach Pythagoras'
theorem or Archmedes' priniciple even when it's wrapped in a fun story.

> If it helps the Japanese title was 'Ikkyu-san' after the boy's adopted
> monastic name.

That's it, that's the one I was asking about.

> Here is a picture of him

That's him, doing his brain-activation thing again (a little chessy by
today's standard). How come you always have the right links on hand?

> The Kanji shown is his name Ikkyu.

Which means "one rest" or a little rest? The 70s translators managed to
translate more than half of the jokes and wordplays from Japanese to
Chinese because traditional Japanese contains so much Kanji.

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