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At 01:19 05/11/2000 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>Just waiting for it to turn up eventually - it was lost in the room, it's
>bound to turn up someday. :)

        That's what I said about my Mk. II beam saber tip -- it's been a
year, and it still hasn't turned up.

>The head "cover" moves, the "base" that houses the monoeye is, IIRC, fixed
>to the body itself. When you move the "cover" around, it creates an
>illusion that the head is actually moving.

        I'll take a closer look the next time I go past a Dom box. From the
description you gave, it seems the whole mono-eye is based on a turntable
which can turn slightly up and down too. The cover must be pretty
tight-fitting, IIRC the image of a Dom correctly.

>I had problems with the left arm *after* equipping it with the shield and
>the 2 ammo clips which hung on the inside of the shield.

        Try swapping the arms around? Maybe it's the design of the plastic
part of the joint.

>That seems to be the trend though, with the GMs getting some fringe

        Sad but true. Anyone knows what's the next MG after the RX-79(G)?

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