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At 06:36 05/11/2000 -0700, Nicholas \"Echo|Fox\" Paufler wrote:
>Yeh, I've seen the first 32 eps of SD Mini Goddness ... truly brilliant work
>Parodies of Die Hard, Berserk (my roommate is a big Berserk fan, so he got a
>kick out of that one). I've yet to see an episode parodying Gundam though,
>any idea around which episode that happened?

        It's in the same one parodying Eva. The rat said something like,
"COOL! A beam saber!..", and Gundam was the only show that I know of with
the term "beam saber". =) It should be an episode near the front.

        Forgot the Die Hard parody, though.. =) Good ole Marla. =)

        Which was the Berserk parody?

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