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> >here is a new quick one: name the 5 worse animes :)

1. Ninja Scroll (words can't describe how much I hate this anime)
2. Midori no Makibao (shudder - story about a little racehorse who shits
everywhere and has a constantly running nose, scary part is that the horses
are 100x more attractive character designs than the humans)
3. Akira movie (quality animation and music can't save the poor script)
4. Hokuto no Ken movie (cram too much into one movie, and it makes
absolutely no sense on its own)
5. Ghost in the Shell movie (it sucked - every good part of the manga was
lost in the transition)
6. X movie (ditto)

Sorry, had to add 6.


Actually I am a lab mouse and this is all part of an intricate plan to TAKE

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