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Thu, 11 May 2000 06:36:43 -0700

> If you guys like parodies, try the SD version of O! Megamisama.
> My Goddess SD version). There are so many references to other anime and
> life events that I lost track -- Gozilla, Eva, Galaxy Express 999, Gundam,
> Yamato, some arcade game, the Apollo missions -- all got honourable
> in the series. The SDness of the series implies a lot of fun, and it is
> quite good.

Yeh, I've seen the first 32 eps of SD Mini Goddness ... truly brilliant work
Parodies of Die Hard, Berserk (my roommate is a big Berserk fan, so he got a
kick out of that one). I've yet to see an episode parodying Gundam though,
any idea around which episode that happened?

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