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>Richie, I have a copy of it. I'll lend it to you later.

Thanks, i just want to see what it's all about.

>Personally, Wings of Honneamise was a bit too superfluous. I didn't like the

>designs, the plot was a bit too contrived and the overall delivery was
>boring. it following the European style of film exposition? I mean, anime
tends to be hyperkinetic, but some anime stuff distinctly follow a slow, deliberate

>I dunno if they wanted to make an art film or what, but Wings definitely
>didn't move me or touch me in any way. Half the time I wanted to press fast

>forward to get a move on. I also found it a bit too preachy as well - I
>found that they fell flat on their face in trying to be too profound.

Hmmm...sounds a bit like the ending of Shirow's Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

>There are a lot of other animated movies that are great examples of well
>delivered slow plot development with good ideas behind them. Give me
>Miyazaki or other Ghibli movies on exploring the wonder of being human. Give

>me the Patlabor movies for effectively executed thrillers while not shoving

>down our throats about how dependent we are on technology.

Hmmmm...i would also include the space opera stuff.

>my two cents...
>"A moose once bit my sister..."

my god, a Monty python fanatic!


"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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