Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 11 May 2000 01:19:59 -0700

>At 19:37 05/09/2000 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>>Haven't lost a single link yet, but lost a shoulder spike. :(
>>That's another area one should consider mandatory gluing.
> I think I did.. That's a difficult part to replace -- are you
>ordering parts or just going to find something to put there?

Just waiting for it to turn up eventually - it was lost in the room, it's
bound to turn up someday. :)

>>It's kind of hard to describe... think of the eye as on one end of a stick,
>>and the other end is set in a dual polycapped base (for horizonal and
>>vertical movements). The head fits over it like a helmet.
> So.. the external head is actually a cover, and the mono-eye is the
>one moveable?

The head "cover" moves, the "base" that houses the monoeye is, IIRC, fixed
to the body itself. When you move the "cover" around, it creates an
illusion that the head is actually moving. There are no other mobile suit
kits prior to the MG Dom that has this kind of weird design AFAIK. The
Eva LMHG's head design is probably the closest thing I can think of.

> I don't quite like that arrangement -- I prefer to have a movable
>head to play with, which is why I prefer the Zaku over a Dom. I'll love to
>have a Rick Dom II, which does have a seperate head..
>>Both arms are supposed to be identical, are you sure it's not a bum part
>>or polycap?
> "Supposed" to be -- I don't think I got a bum part, both polycap and
>elbow joint looks clean. I have this feeling, since you had that problem
>with your right arm too, that the right elbow joint might just be a
>millimeter off.

I had problems with the left arm *after* equipping it with the shield and
the 2 ammo clips which hung on the inside of the shield.

> Hopefully, the MG line won't devolved into a Gundam-only line. That
>will be quite sad..

That seems to be the trend though, with the GMs getting some fringe


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