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At 19:37 05/09/2000 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>Haven't lost a single link yet, but lost a shoulder spike. :(
>That's another area one should consider mandatory gluing.

        I think I did.. That's a difficult part to replace -- are you
ordering parts or just going to find something to put there?

>It's kind of hard to describe... think of the eye as on one end of a stick,
>and the other end is set in a dual polycapped base (for horizonal and
>vertical movements). The head fits over it like a helmet.

        So.. the external head is actually a cover, and the mono-eye is the
one moveable?

        I don't quite like that arrangement -- I prefer to have a movable
head to play with, which is why I prefer the Zaku over a Dom. I'll love to
have a Rick Dom II, which does have a seperate head..

>Both arms are supposed to be identical, are you sure it's not a bum part
>or polycap?

        "Supposed" to be -- I don't think I got a bum part, both polycap and
elbow joint looks clean. I have this feeling, since you had that problem
with your right arm too, that the right elbow joint might just be a
millimeter off.

>> I didn't like the way the head appears to be part of the body --
>That's part of the original mecha design though...

        Right, which was why I didn't really like the old Cross-eye. Grew on
me thought. =)

>Yeah... and that was just a retooling of the long delayed Dom. They should
>make some amphibious MG kits.

        I don't really think very much of the original marine MS -- great
ideas, but exterior designs are a bit off. Hygogs and Zugock-Es are my
favourite marine designs, but those are not original designs.

>But the powers that be decided to do a quick and dirty job by throwing them
>to the HGUC pile instead.

        Hopefully, the MG line won't devolved into a Gundam-only line. That
will be quite sad..

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