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At 16:15 05/10/2000 -0400, Tomoe Souichi wrote:
> Hey guys. Well, I'm thinking of changing my order. I want the NT-1 Alex.
>I just have a few questions. How accurate are the colors, cause the Zaku II BT
>would be pretty accurate, considering its only black and grey. Does the
>cockpit open up? And how sturdy are the joints, dont want some GP-02 copycat
>who cant hold his shield ^^;;;

        I can't help you with the colours, I don't own the kit either. But
close examination of the box art will provide some other answers:

        The cockpit opens as normal -- hinged at the top, the center chest
plate will swing upwards, revealing the typically small pilot. Maybe this
time I'll actually put the pilot into the MS..

        The joints look good, although I have some reservation about the
upper arm-elbow joint -- it looks like a peg-in-polycap joint, something I
tend to break. Interestingly, the hand joint looks very good, since it seems
to be able to bend inwards much more than normal, since the inner lower arm
armour seems to have been cut back from the wrist.

        Again, the waist doesn't looks to be very posable -- in fact, it
looks as if the upper torso and lower torso are fixed together.

        As for the shield, it's hooked onto the forarm Gatling cover, as
well as being held by the hand. If it's going to drop, the *whole* lower arm
will come down with it. And the shield doesn't look heavy enough to do that
(The GP-02's problem is mainly due to the heavy shield) and the elbow joint
looks reassuringly stable.

        Of course, all this analysis is based on the basic NT-1. If you add
the extra armour, the NT-1 cannot hold its shield, and it's debatable
whether it can hold its beam rifle.

>Tomoe, who is very bored

        Bored? Get a PG! =)

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