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>Rurouni Kenshin

        Actually, I had some problems with the Rurouni Kenshin manga,
because it gets more and more super-heroic later, when Kenshin runs out of
opponents to fight. =)

        I watched some of the anime (up to the Kyoto arc -- rats, couldn't
get the rest.) and it's a good series.


        Nadesico is a hidden gem, because the initial few openings make it
seems like a comedy series. But if the viewer is willing to stick out the
funny stuff, there's a lot of interesting things going on at the back.

        Nadesico: Prince of Darkness, is an excellent movie. With Ruri as
the Kancho of Nadesico II (I think), not much can go wrong with this show.
=) The movie is in a more serious vein than the series, but that's expected
for a movie with a limited time.

>Bubblegum Crisis - Not that travesty called BGC2040 (Nene has pink hair!
>Pink! Priss does 80's rock, not pseudo-industrial!), the original.

        I found the BGCO a bit disconcerting, because 1: the animation is
dated (forgivable) and 2: The characters are weird. =) All of them has a
personality, but they just didn't seemed real somehow.. (pink hair?? on a
police officer?)

        BGC2040 OTOH, has excellent characters and an excellent story so far
(I'm up to episode 14, about). The characters are more believable now, with
their individual pursuits and habits. If there's something that you want me
to find fault with, it's with the new look of the rampaging boomers. P-U-K-E.

        Both series are excellent, but if you want me to come off the fence,
I'll go with BGC2040.

        (BTW, Konya wa Hurricane is very nice, but the new OP, Y'know (IIRC)
isn't half bad, and the BGM is excellent too. They even dragged Romeo and
Juliet into the OP. =)

>Dual - I've only seen 3 eps of this, but its great! It's a sort of Eva
>Parody. It doesn't resort to outright Parody or over-the-top comedy, but
>it's so well written ... it's hard to describe =)

        If you guys like parodies, try the SD version of O! Megamisama. (Ah!
My Goddess SD version). There are so many references to other anime and real
life events that I lost track -- Gozilla, Eva, Galaxy Express 999, Gundam,
Yamato, some arcade game, the Apollo missions -- all got honourable mention
in the series. The SDness of the series implies a lot of fun, and it is
quite good.

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