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At 23:27 05/09/2000 MST, Blackeagle wrote:
>A lot of people would certanly like the GP-03D, but it would be expensive as

        The expense isn't a real problem with some here -- after all people
*are* buying the PG Zeta, which is expensive.

        I'm thinking more of "where the heck am I going to put this thing???"

>The GM Cannon II is the RGC-83. They could also do a powered GM with
>recycled Alex stuff.

        A Powered GM should be straight-forward now that they have the basic
GM chassis to play with. A RGC-83 might be more problematic, since they
don't have any MG Guncannons to modify up from. Bandai mold makers are
getting lazy. =)

>A GM Sniper II and/or GM command would be nice. Since we're gonna get the
>RX-79, my guess is the first we'll see is the GM Ground, followed maybe by
>the GM Sniper.

        GM Ground, as in the Winter type? Yup, possibly. A good thing about
he GM Command(o) is that the difference between it and a GM Space type is
mainly backpack and legs, so it might be possible Bandai would include both
variants in one box.

>> Note that I'm not holding my breath for a Kampfer.

        Actually, we *can* hope that the Kampfer would come out as a HGUC.
=) Given the generally good standards of HGUC, a new Kampfer would be
lightyears better than the older 0080 Kampfer, and it's a good stand-in for
a MG Kampfer.

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