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> That doesn't sound at all familiar, unless it's
> Young Ieyasu Tokugawa (1975), in which case it's not

> the son of the Shogun but rather the boy who'll grow

> up to become Shogun.
> I would be really amazed if this show was ever
> brought to the west. If it helps the Japanese title
> was 'Ikkyu-san' after the boy's adopted monastic
> name.
> Here is a picture of him
> The Kanji shown is his name Ikkyu.
> Tet

"Ikkyu" was broadcasted in Hong Kong way back in the
early-1980's under the Chinese title (roughly) "Smart
Little Monk" on local Cantonese TV station, ATV. It
was a hit, and many of us were impressed by Ikkyu's 30
secs of quick-wits to solve puzzling, and some life
threatening, questions and problems :) Core, you
remember this show, don't you? ;)

I have very little knowledge in history of Japan, but
the animation told us the grown-up Ikkyu will
eventually became an anti-war activist of that period.
Tet, do you know what happen to Ikkyu in real life?


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