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11 May 2000 06:21:38 -0000

On Wed, 10 May 2000 22:45:08 -0700 (PDT) garrick lee <> wrote:

>2) lodoss war OAV. just because i like swords &
>sorcery and i\'m d&d junkie. the tv series (of which
>i\'ve only watched 8 eps, but just recently gotten all
>episodes) promises to be brain dead though...*grumble*
> music\'s great, and that\'ll do for me.

The last three episodes of the tv series make up for any lack in the first ones, IMO. Even if...oh wait, don\'t want to spoil it.

>3) escaflowne. evangelion done right? :PPP
>i haven\'t finished nadesico, but i\'m pretty certain
>it\'ll be on my favorites...

Nadesico was good, but I didn\'t like the first dubbed volume of it by ADV, so I haven\'t gotten the rest. I\'ve seen the entire series subtitled though. I\'m just lacking the movie.


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