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> At 23:23 5/9/2000, you wrote:
> >??? (don't know English name, help!): in ancient Japan, the young son of a
> > murdered Shogan is hiding as a monk in a Buddhist temple. Get into and
> > out of a lot of funny situation because of his extraordinary
> > intelligence. good clean fun show for kids. Sporadically goes into
> > tear-jerking modes because of his mother (excuse me, I feel a bump
> > coming up my throat...)
> That doesn't sound at all familiar, unless it's Young Ieyasu Tokugawa
> (1975), in which case it's not the son of the Shogun but rather the boy
> who'll grow up to become Shogun.

I would be really amazed if this show was ever brought to the west. If it helps
the Japanese title was 'Ikkyu-san' after the boy's adopted monastic name.

Here is a picture of him

The Kanji shown is his name Ikkyu.


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