garrick lee (
Wed, 10 May 2000 22:45:08 -0700 (PDT)

for myself (and probably the other of the pinoys
here), my first exposure to anime was astroboy (i
remember a marine-boy too, but...i could be just
imagining it, being a flower of life addict that i
am), yamato (in starblazers format), gatchaman (in
g-force format), and the force five package. ...and
candy-candy and shoujo stuff *rolls eyes*. i also
remember that thunderbirds 2086...and an ultraman
animated movie. voltes v, daimos and mazinger z and
mekanda need no mention. :)

for some odd reason, gundam passed me by back then (my
mum never brought home any betamax tapes of gundam,
darnit...but i do have the mangled remains of a g-7
toy javelin...with a gundam pic on it...:P)

what really had me addicted was robotech. unlike
other people, i liked robotech even more when i found
out it was a mishmash series. the mckinney novels
also snagged me for good (unlike other fans, again).
i liked macross portion the best, so that'd make me a
macross fan at heart (i'm still wondering how the hell
to get the original macross re-release that animeigo
is kicking out soon...US-canada only...that's sure a
pain in the ass).

i found things to like in macross plus, and even
macross 2 (though it disappointed me like hell, i
still find somethings to like in skimpy
costumes...*cough* i liked the two theme songs too --
deja vu and hush of 2 million years). i refuse to
bash macross 2 and 7 just because they don't fit my
vision of what macross should be. i have no doubt
i'll find something to like in macross 7 too. heck, i
DID sit through g gundam from start to finish. :)

fav non-gundam anime would be:
1) macross

2) lodoss war OAV. just because i like swords &
sorcery and i'm d&d junkie. the tv series (of which
i've only watched 8 eps, but just recently gotten all
episodes) promises to be brain dead though...*grumble*
 music's great, and that'll do for me.

3) escaflowne. evangelion done right? :PPP

i haven't finished nadesico, but i'm pretty certain
it'll be on my favorites...

runner up shows: unreasonably soft spot for gaiking
and getta g (especially that starvenger version...:P).
  SOC gaiking!!! i'm getting that! :)

the critically acclaimed anime that have disappointed

1) evangelion
2) akira
3) ghost in the shell


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