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At 11:39 5/10/2000, you wrote:
>I agree. It is my favorite portion of Robotech, because of its epic battles
>and mecha designs, and I agree about the story. Now, if we could only get
>rid of the main character (I forget her Southern Cross name, but you know,
>Dana Sterling in Robotech). I've been thinking about ordering the ST from

Jeanne Francais. But she's not as bad in the original, where she comes off
more like Kei of the Dirty Pair. Come to think of it, Lana Isavia (Nova
Satori in Robotech) comes off a lot like Yuri of the Dirty Pair. Too bad
the show didn't last long enough for them to become the team (along with
Marie Angel/Crystal) that was obviously intended.


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