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>> years old i believe. OT,but do you know where i can find the
>> soundtrack on cd to it?
>If it's still in print, www.cdjapan.co.jp is one source. I couldn't find it
>on there for some reason. I got the CD way back when the movie was first

Prepare for some sticker shock, but this is, after all, a 4-CD box set:


Aile de Honneamis (Royal Space Force) Complete Collection
MIDI Inc. MDCZ-1168/71
4 CDs
All Tracks Composed And Arranged By Ryuichi Sakamoto, Koji Ueno, Yuji Nomi,
Haruo Kubota

Prototype A
Prototype B
Prototype C
Prototype D

Main Theme
Theme of Liiquni
Total Ministry of National Defense
Fighting Noise

Melody [Anyamo]
Funeral of Dr. Gunoumu
Saint Liiquni
Distant Thunder
Shirotsugu's Resolution
Last Stage

Get Up
Out of Space


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