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> It's a pretty good page, but there are some minor glitches there, too. For
> example, the planet on which SC takes place is actually named Grolier, for
> the French bibliophile Jean Grolier de Servières, Vicomte d'Aguisy
> (1479-1565), not Glorie or Glory.

Interesting.... It does sound like they say Glory-Ayy I never thought much about
it though. Not that I doubt you, but were did you get this information?

I'm sure Rob would like to hear whatever info you have on SC.

> Ninja Team Gatchaman), Captain Harlock (Space Pirate Harlock/Millennium
> Queen), Star Blazers (Space Cruiser Yamato) and Voltron (King of Beasts
> Go-Lion) came over.

For me it was BotP (I still love Gatchaman! Dare da dare da daree daa!) then
Voltron (both flavors) Tranzor Z (Mazinger Z) Then Robotech (Southern Cross,
Mospeada then Macross!) probably why I'm still so attached to those shows, despite
being a Robotech hater.

> And, of course, Gundam would top all of this lists had it not been excluded.

Well, alot of Gundam would be in my top 10 too.

---Brett Jensen

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