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>??? (don't know English name, help!): in ancient Japan, the young son of a
> murdered Shogan is hiding as a monk in a Buddhist temple. Get into and
> out of a lot of funny situation because of his extraordinary
> intelligence. good clean fun show for kids. Sporadically goes into
> tear-jerking modes because of his mother (excuse me, I feel a bump
> coming up my throat...)

That doesn't sound at all familiar, unless it's Young Ieyasu Tokugawa
(1975), in which case it's not the son of the Shogun but rather the boy
who'll grow up to become Shogun.

>??? (don't know English name again): memory is very vague on this one.
> About a kid with a dog (I think) seraching for his mom, a whole TV
> season of tear-jerking. (why do I keep falling for these stuffs)

That sounds like 3000 Leagues In Search of Mother (1976), which was dubbed
into English in the 1980s, but I don't remember the English title, which I
think was named for the dog.

>Honorable mention:
>Cowboy Bebop. Very stylistic moody bounty-hunter-who-have-seen-it-all
> in space. I was very impressed by the first few episodes, but than it
> started to get overrun by cliche and look formulistic, can't really pass
> judgement until I see more. The music (bebop is a kind of big band
> jazz) is mmm... er... groovy in a very 21st Century kind of way. The
> various CDs are fantastic. "Music for Freelance" is a must-have, no
> matter what your music taste is. Repeat after me: Yoko Konno is the
> Godess of music. Viewing of the anime is optional.

I've got all the music, but haven't seen the anime yet because there were
no off-air copy or fansub distributions (Anime Village announced they'd be
carrying it) and I'm holding out for the box set, which, unlike Gundam,
won't be released until after the series run.



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