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>Here's the URL: http://www.crosswinds.net/~glorie/SouthernCross.htmlAs
>far as I
>know, it's the only (non Robotech) Southern Cross page on the web.

A minor glitch in the URL, but easily fixed.

It's a pretty good page, but there are some minor glitches there, too. For
example, the planet on which SC takes place is actually named Grolier, for
the French bibliophile Jean Grolier de Servières, Vicomte d'Aguisy
(1479-1565), not Glorie or Glory. Some of the titles, which are all in
English rendered in katakana, also got mixed up in transliteration. Here's
a comparison I did a few years back of the original SC titles, their
Robotech counterparts and the Del Rey books (now Ballantine Del Rey) in
which they were adapted yet again.

------------------------ ---------------------- ------------------
  0. 37. Dana's Story
  1. Prisoner 38. False Start
  3. Star Angel 40. Volunteers
  4. Half Moon 41. Half Moon
  5. Trouble City 42. Danger Zone
  6. Prelude 43. Prelude To Battle
  7. Loveliness 44. The Trap
  9. Star Dust 46. Stardust 8. METAL FIRE
10. Outsider 47. Outsiders
11. Deja Vu 48. Deja Vu
12. Lost Memory 49. A New Recruit
13. Triple Mirror 50. Triumvirate
14. Iron Lady 51. Clone Chamber
15. Love Story 52. Love Song
16. Hunter Killer 53. The Hunters
17. Bio Psycho 54. Mind Game
18. Wonderland 55. Dana In Wonderland 9. FINAL NIGHTMARE
19. Crisis 56. Crisis Point
20. Daydream 57. Daydreamer
21. Nightmare 58. FINAL NIGHTMARE
22. Catastrophe D1"> The Invid Connection
23. Genesis 60. Catastrophe

Note: "Jack McKinney" is a pseudonym for Brian Daley & James Luceno

>> >your late 20s to early 30s?
>> Only if you add them together. I'll be 49 this September.
>Great googly moogly. ^_^ I'm 28. I knew you weren't a youngun, because of
>choices. (IE: no Evangelion or Sailor moon ^_^) I assumed you'd be around 30
>I figured most people who like southern Cross would be 80s Robotech spawn
>myself. (although I renounce it vigorously! ^_^)

I grew up watching Amazing 3 (Wonder 3), Astro Boy (Iron Boy Atom),
Gigantor (Iron Man 28), Marine Boy (Seabed Boy Marine), Prince Planet
(Space Boy Popi) and 8th Man (8 Man) in the 60s.

In the 70s, I was a TV broadcaster when Battle of the Planets (Science
Ninja Team Gatchaman), Captain Harlock (Space Pirate Harlock/Millennium
Queen), Star Blazers (Space Cruiser Yamato) and Voltron (King of Beasts
Go-Lion) came over.

In the 80s, I was a computer programmer/systems analyst when Galaxy Express
999, Robotech and Thunderbirds 2086 (Science Rescue Team Technovoyager)
hit. In 1986, I attended my first World Science Fiction Convention, where
I saw DIrty Pair, Project A-ko, Orguss, Southern Cross and Z Gundam.

So, although I'd grown up with Japanese animation, I first saw the Japanese
originals in the mid-1980s. And, while I like many 1990s anime shows, they
get pushed down out of the Top 5 by older shows.

And, of course, Gundam would top all of this lists had it not been excluded.


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