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David "Jojo" Wong wrote:

> About Dougram--does anyone know an english website on this series?

The Mecha domain has pictures and a little info on some of The mecha.
Other than that I don't think there are any. Whenever I do a search on
Dougram all that comes up are Robotech FAQs (because of the Revell
models) or Toy venders.

Dougram is one of the rarest mecha shows, almost nobody I've talked to in
the US has seen it. I didn't even think it had been released on video
untill I saw the box sets in Japan last January. I took the plunge and
dropped the $600 for the 3 used box sets on my last Japan trip in March,
and so far I'm glad I did. That was alot to blow on a blind purchase. I
figured it was a better deal to pay $600 for 80 eps of Dougram than to
pay $465 for 25 eps of Mospeada. ^_-

I would gladly make copies for someone (who understands Japanese) who
would be willing to write detailed synopsi, or better yet scripts.

---Brett Jensen

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