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> Hey that doesn't sound too bad. Do you get a decent selection?

well, for new kits, yes, but if it's showing on TV you'd have to kill for it

for old kits you'd really have to shop around

> Prices can really vary in HK, but are always lower than HLJ prices.
> e.g. at Twinner in Mongkok, three 4000 yen MG kits were going for
> HK$230 (GP02), HK$200 (Rick-Dom) and HK$185 (Dom). Bring a big
> suitcase when you visit :-)

hhhmmm..... I'd have to check the latest exchange rates for that but that
sounds really cheap

here in the Philippines we have the thing called the "Balikbayan Box".
"Balikbayan" means someone who spent some time in another country working
and when they go home they bring gifts for everyone in the family as well as
friends whom they haven't seen for a long time. the box basically maximizes
the specifications of airlines for baggages. you can really put a lot of
stuff in there ^_^

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