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<< Hey guys. Well, I'm thinking of changing my order. I want the NT-1 Alex. I
 just have a few questions. How accurate are the colors, cause the Zaku II BT
 would be pretty accurate, considering its only black and grey. Does the
 cockpit open up? And how sturdy are the joints, dont want some GP-02 copycat
 who cant hold his shield ^^;;;
The Alex is very sturdy,colors are very good,exact imho. The thing is solid
as a rock,it's fallen off it's pedistal numberous times(quite literally) and
never came apart. All MG's feature opening cockpits,so that question is a bit
moot. The joints are study,heck,i've even poed it hoisting another gundam
over it's head(though i just might be lucky)

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