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> 2. This is kinda OT, but aside from Gundam, What's your Favorite Anime?
> is Akira, Flat out(I can't get enough of that movie)

Akira was great - but the Manga is even better. There's a lot lost from not
letting the characters develop naturally there in the movie.

They did a good job cramping into 2 hr. 20 min. what it would have taken 50
or so episodes to develop into a good story format. But it confused the hell
out of people getting into anime for the first time.


1) Nadesico - my fave series of all time (currently). The antithesis of
Gundam and Yamato - and spoofs them well too.
2) Space Cruiser Yamato - saw it translated in three different forms and
still never get tired of it. Love the opening theme. ("YAH-MAH-TOHHH!!!!")
3) Dangard Ace - my secret giant robot fave, and the best giant robot design
I've ever seen. I've never seen it in full - but I've always been moved by
the story. The last episode I ever saw was the Dangard Robo already in space
inside that massive ship. (Does anyone have any later eps. of this series?)
4) Mazinger Z - Koji Kabuto rules. (I should look for a copy of the english
vers. of that theme - He's a giant robot man, Mazinger Z!!! Mazinger go
fighting, Stronger than his enemy!!!)
5) Lupin III - Lupin, Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko are the best act around.

My recent faves:

1) Cowboy Bebop - the best I've seen in a while. The modern Lupin III.
2) Gasaraki - the most kickass opening theme I've heard or seen since - you
have definitely got to love the percussion buildup from the heartbeat. The
story is a bit dragging but worthwhile if you get past all the angst. ADV is
going to release this soon. (Dust to Dust... Ashes to Ashes... Soul to
3) Card Captor Sakura - the only real Magical girl series I ever liked. Full
of funny nutty characters (my fave is Tomoyo).


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