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Aaron and Core wrote back in March:

>> wrote:
>> In the 14th row down, scroll down. Is that a GP-03 and Orchis kit or
toy? I
>>know no Kanji and cannot read Japanese. Can anyone tell what this is?
>That's Chinese. I can translate:
>"Bandai 2000 Spring, price unknown
>After Zeon MA's come the Fed MA's: 0079 G-Fighter & 0083 GP03D, there
>should be 5 MA's in total. Rumors have it that Gato's AMA-X2 used at
>end of 0083 will be one of them.
>The GP03 MS can seperate from the MA. G-Fighter can turn into G-Tank."

>It wasn't said if these are toys, injection kits (unlikely) or resin
>I am waiting to see at least one more source reporting the GP03

It turns out that they were part of Gashapon EX HG Series MA Selection
2 due to be released in July

Here is a pic of the promotional poster

This series consists of GP03 Dendrobium, Neue Aziel, Val Varo, G-Armour,
and G Defenser(?).

Resolution is too poor to make out any of the text, so I'm not sure if
there will be full colour versions of the MAs like the first series.
Expect retail price in Japan of ~300yen.


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