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> > If Macross II hadn't been marketed as a Macross STORY, I might have accepted
> > (as well as other fans). As it stands, it is not a worthy addition to the
> > Macross world, but by itself, it is not terrible.
> How narrow minded. That's like saying you love pancakes, but hate flapjacks,
> because were what they were called when you were a kid.
> Macross II has Vakyries, music, aliens attacking, the Macross fortress, a
> store that transends war ... every thing that make Macross great.

Except Soji Kawamori

> hate it because it was called Macross, even though it was not made by the
> same people that did Macross, Macross DYRL, Macross Plus, and Macross 7. I've
> read all the stuff covering the Macross universe, and I can't agree with the
> exclusion of Macross II just because if was a little different, and done by
> somebody else.

No I dislike (hate is too strong since it is fairly entertaining.) it because It
was a somewhat cynical attempt by Big West to cash in on Macross nostalgia by
creating a sequel without any imput from the original creators. Add to that poor
animation quality, and generally mediocre mecha designs (except for the valkyries)
and you get one show posthumusly pronounced to be an "Alternate Story"

---Brett Jensen

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