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> In a message dated 5/10/00 1:00:32 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
> Macross3@excite.com writes:
> > If Macross II hadn't been marketed as a Macross STORY, I might have
> > (as well as other fans). As it stands, it is not a worthy addition to
> > Macross world, but by itself, it is not terrible.
> How narrow minded. That's like saying you love pancakes, but hate
> because were what they were called when you were a kid.
> Macross II has Vakyries, music, aliens attacking, the Macross fortress, a

> store that transends war ... every thing that make Macross great. But you

> hate it because it was called Macross, even though it was not made by the

> same people that did Macross, Macross DYRL, Macross Plus, and Macross 7.
> read all the stuff covering the Macross universe, and I can't agree with
> exclusion of Macross II just because if was a little different, and done
> somebody else.

Perhaps you should read my post again before you start dishing out
accusations (and deny everyone else the freedom of expressing their own
opinions). I made it very clear that I did not think it was bad--in fact, I
DID enjoy it. However, my feeling is that many people did not like it simply
because it is

A: A lesser rehash of the original.
B: The creators dismissed it as an alternate universe.
C: The characters were less memorable.

I like Macross II, but it breaks less new ground than Macross Plus, which I
also liked. MPlus had a different tone from the previous ones AS WELL AS
catering to original fans.

> Just like in Gundam, where half the people on this list can't stand
> not UC, while the other half have never seen a UC Gundam show, and yet
> off by all the "this is a UC mailing list, not a AC mailing list"
bullshit. I
> love G Gundam! Gundam X is cool, even if a bit rushed. Wing is awesome,
> though I truly dislike every one of the Gundam pilots.

Calm down, man! It's just different opinions. Don't need to call it all
bullshit. I liked many of the other Gundams too, but I can understand where
a lot are coming from.

> Don't get me wrong, UC is absolute best anime saga I have the pleasure of

> viewing. Macross is the second, only because it doesn't have as many
> under its belt.
> And you know what? Gunbuster beats them all out!

Dunno about that, but I do think Gunbuster had one of the best last episodes
I've ever seen.


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