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><< I like Macross 7! ...There are alot of dorky things in the show, but if you drop your preconceptions you might enjoy it. It's alot like G Gundam in that respect.>>
>Uh, I didn't like G-Gundam either. =(
>I might have given M7 a chance had they not made the hero so annoying. (more annoying than Kou Uraki)
>Hell, I like GUNDAM ZZ better than Macross 7, at least Judo Ashita didn't use a guitar to control his mobile suit.

It could be worse. In the original Mecha design period for Macross 7, the Veritechs THEMSELVES had guitars (and the end of these had the speaker gun pods). I'm serious. I just got a book this past weekend with some of the original design art in it. It was "This is Animation Macross 7 TV Animation Series Animation Materials". 200 pages of artwork and interviews. I must admit though, the VF-17 looked cooler in some of its older forms. Now, if I could only read kanji....


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