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> Ummm. Amuro may be whiny but he's hardly whimpy. Frankly he's more of an
> kicker than pretty much ANYBODY short of Kenshiro(FOTNS). Zeon was afraid
> that kid as a NATION. The fed was afraid of him after the war. He was
> instrumental in stopping the greater part of axis from smacking into the
> Earth. He shot Zeon troops in cold blood. He wasn't really someone I'd
> to screw with at all. Nope.

He falls into one of my "Uhhhh..." categories.
> Shinji on the other hand....ah well. He was like 14 ya know? And he was a
> whimpy little shut in. He was afraid to lose his friends and that was the
> only reason he fought aside from his mom who lived inside unit 1....

Yeah, yeah. Typical mecha hero (taken to the extreme, though).

> Chirico is nothing more than a slightly reformed sociopath with a very
> dead soul and only the slightest scrap of conscience remaining. He's
> much a character right out of Blade Runner with less of an alcholism
> problem. Judging from the backstory of the Red Shoulder's I doubt he'd
> hesitate to participate in ritual cannibalism if the folks around him did
> too.

I have an affinity for unsympathetic characters who get the job done. He (or
she) doesn't have to be morally conscious or determined to "do the right
thing", but dammit, just don't spend hours and hours whining about your
personal problems to me. That's why I like him. He keeps it in like a MAN.
Call me a chauvinist, but I prefer a manly protagonist over a shy, whiny,
moral one.

Plus, there's something very uplifting about the show. It's grim, yes, but I
kinda like the idea of one man taking on an entire galaxy (and not doing bad
for himself, either). Okay, he DOES have a few friends who help him, and he
treats 'em well, so that's his redeeming quality for me.


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