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> VOTOMS also has one of the best opening songs, ever!

Agreed! one of the two anime theme songs that I can sing. (Macross is the other)

> How many episodes is DOUGRAM and what is it about basically? I've only seen a few pictures and of course the kits that were released by Revell (ROBOTECH Defenders?)

80+ episodes! Let me tell you, carrying the 3 box sets all over Tokyo was no fun! ^_^ I've only gotten thru the first 16 episodes so far. The pacing is nice and slow,
but damn entertaining.

The story is basically about a group of rebels fighting against a corrupt earth government on a distant colony world. (If you are familiar with Heavy Gear this should
sound familiar since DP9 borrowed as heavily from Dougram as they did VOTOMS.) The main character and pilot of the rebel mecha Dougram (pronounced Dug-rum) is the
Son of the Earth federation president! (and you thought Amuro's dad was a jerk)

The Mecha are completely ground based, but they can be lifted by Helicopter (Like in VOTOMS)

If any show deserves a quality remake, it's dougram.

---Brett Jensen

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