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> Brett Jensen wrote:
> > You rock Z! Not too many other southern Cross fans around!
> I don't really know it, what do you see in it? I like Macross, Orguss
> perhaps Mospeda. But Southern Cross is...
> Galaxy Express 999: about a kid and a mysterious woman travelling across
> the galaxy to obtain immortality. Sometimes very cheesy and preachy,
> but it dealt with many moral philosophical matters more advanced than
> most American adult shows, in a manner understandable to kids.

I can't resist a cheesy 70s soundtrack...

> ??? (don't know English name again): memory is very vague on this one.
> About a kid with a dog (I think) seraching for his mom, a whole TV
> season of tear-jerking. (why do I keep falling for these stuffs)

I think it was called "Belle and Sebastion," is it hasn't been answered here
yet. The dog was Sebastion, the boy was Belle. Yes, a girl's name.

> Honorable mention:
> Cowboy Bebop. Very stylistic moody bounty-hunter-who-have-seen-it-all
> in space. I was very impressed by the first few episodes, but than it
> started to get overrun by cliche and look formulistic, can't really
> judgement until I see more. The music (bebop is a kind of big band
> jazz) is mmm... er... groovy in a very 21st Century kind of way. The
> various CDs are fantastic. "Music for Freelance" is a must-have, no
> matter what your music taste is. Repeat after me: Yoko Konno is the
> Godess of music. Viewing of the anime is optional.

I think the episode plots tend to be too simplistic. The camera "looks" too
much and doen't TELL enough. Other than that, it could have been excellent.


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