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>> Brett Jensen wrote:
>> > You rock Z! Not too many other southern Cross fans around!
>> I don't really know it, what do you see in it? I like Macross, Orguss and
>> perhaps Mospeda. But Southern Cross is...
>Lots of reasons. It has very imaginative mecha designs, Great animation (for
>most episodes), The battle scenes are often epic, with tons of fighter planes
>getting blown up . I personally like the way the mecha move, they feel very
>"heavy" yet not as slow as the ground pounders in Dougram.
>It has an unusually well thought out world, lots of interesting design work,
>and a pretty original story.
>If the show had gone to it's full planned length, (50 eps, I think) I think it
>would be considered a classic. It was killed in the ratings because it started
>slow. (Too many filler episodes after the first one.) You can't really wrap up
>such a complicated story in 23 episodes!
>---Brett Jensen

I agree. It is my favorite portion of Robotech, because of its epic battles and mecha designs, and I agree about the story. Now, if we could only get rid of the main character (I forget her Southern Cross name, but you know, Dana Sterling in Robotech). I've been thinking about ordering the ST from Animenation.


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