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Wed, 10 May 2000 11:25:58 -0700 wrote:

> I love the original 36-episode series and the movie. It's a travesty that both are so maligned by the abomination that is Macross 7. I was in Japan when M7 premiered and I almost threw my TV set out the window when Nekki Basara started singing his way into battle. UGH!!! and people criticize "ROBOTECH"?

I like Macross 7! And I'm a hardcore Macross fan, (I'm about to buy the damn series for the third time!) and I think M7 carries the spirit of the original series better than any of the other sequels.

There are alot of dorky things in the show, but if you drop your preconceptions you might enjoy it. It's alot like G Gundam in that respect.

I agree with you on one thing: Macross II sucks Quamzin's Magdomilla! ^_^

---Brett Jensen

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