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Blackeagle wrote:

> >2. This is kinda OT, but aside from Gundam, What's your Favorite Anime?
> >Mine
> >is Akira, Flat out(I can't get enough of that movie)
> Oooh, that's a toughie. I've got so many that I like.
> I'd probably have to say the shortlist comes down to Macross Plus, Patlabor,
> Escaflowne and Evangalion.
> >Later folks,
> >-Jay

Hmm, hard question. I can't name one. I have

Favorites for getting me hooked on anime (ok, so maybe my wallet isn't so
jazzed about that) - Star Blazers and Robotech. I know the real names, but
that's what got me started. So, actually Macross is my favorite instead of
Robotech, and so is DYRL.

Favorites for doing anime the way I'd do it if I were in charge - Gundam (I
know, you said non-Gundam), Evangelion and Memories.

Favorite anime that disappoints the hell out of me because I don't get it yet -
Five Star Stories. Those mech designs rival Gundam for me, the only show
outside of Macross that could.

Favorite anime movies - Akira, Ghost In The Shell (minus that "gather the
idiots around so we can pound the central plot point into them" scene on the
boat) and my new favorite, Spriggan! Wow, it's sort Akira-like if the GITS
guys drew it. I hope there'll be a sequel.


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