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Spot-on about Macross.....the original was the best...all of the other ones
can sod off!!!! Just wanted to voice my opinion on that matter.

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>Favorite non-Gundam Anime:
>MACROSS - Not MACROSS II, not MACROSS PLUS and especially not MACROSS 7.
>Macross (then ROBOTECH) were primarily responsible for my getting into
>anime in the first place over 15 years ago. They will always be my
>I love the original 36-episode series and the movie. It's a travesty that
>both are so maligned by the abomination that is Macross 7. I was in Japan
>when M7 premiered and I almost threw my TV set out the window when Nekki
>Basara started singing his way into battle. UGH!!! and people criticize
>To me, the movie will ALWAYS be the definitive version of the MACROSS
>story, and I don't care what the "official" party line is.
>Not just a great anime film, it was a great FILM. Had it been marketed
>right by a major Hollywood studio, it would have contended for a Best
>Picture Oscar. The score by Ryuichi Sakamoto is better than the one he won
>an Oscar for ("The Last Emperor")
>Others, GALL FORCE 1-3, MEGAZONE 23, CRUSHER JOE, AKIRA... wow, those were
>the days, I'm sure some of the "old guard" remembers when all this stuff
>was "NEW".
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